Sveriges TvatteriforbundIn the last five years, sales in the Swedish laundry and textile service industry have increased by 30 percent and the number of employees has increased by 16 percent.

This is shown by Tvätteriförbundet’s industry report for 2019. We are the Swedish textile service organization and represents members in both dry cleaning and industrial laundry. In total, about 5,000 people work in the laundry and textile service industry.

Continued Growth

We believe in continued strong growth. Partly because free work clothes will become law. It is a matter of hygiene, identification and equality and with free work clothes and professional textile service employees can focus on what they are best at

Good for the Society

Growth in the laundry and textile service industry is positive for the development of society. The industry is good at creating entry-level jobs, for example for new arrivals and others who are far from the labor market. It is not because the jobs are simple, but because the professional laundries have systems and routines. They can quickly teach what is needed to meet the required quality requirements. We must be proud of the entry-level job. Here, the industry makes a big social effort without sacrificing business acumen and long-term perspective.

Digital Education

In this spirit, Tvätteriförbundet develops digital solutions that make it easier for both customers and employees. One example is the digital education project – Digital Learning For The Textile Care Sector, which the union is currently working on. The project is co-financed by the EU’s Erasmus + program, and is run together with colleagues in Belgium, Germany and the Czech Republic, and the European partner organization ETSA and together with the educational institute Heureka. The training project aims to provide vocational training within the industry, especially employees who would otherwise have a weak position in the labor market.

Sustainability Work in Everyday Life

The digital education project is part of the industry’s sustainability work and community engagement. Tvätteriförbundet’s T-brand, for which all members are authorized, means that we meet high standards of professional knowledge, good enterprise and efficient use of resources.

Jan Kluge, Chairman, Sveriges Tvätteriförbund

Tor-Björn Angin, Vice Chairman, Sveriges Tvätteriförbund