Even in modern industrial laundries, many routines and processes are still heavy, dirty, and potentially dangerous. Especially repetitive tasks often result in employees making mistakes; some of which can be extremely costly. Fortunately, the industry’s leaders recently focused on the development of new solutions such as robots, artificial intelligence and data management.

Inwatec’s automated soiled side sorting system minimizes the need for human interaction to quality control and surveillance. It consists of an X-ray machine and a learning system. Robots pick up the individual laundry pieces from conveyor belts and transport them to RFID chip readers to identify and register each garment. Directly after that, an X-ray scanner automatically detects unwanted hidden objects in the pockets and rejects these contaminated garments. Only approved laundry articles are forwarded further to be sorted accordingly by the system. Today, all these tasks can be performed by only a few operators who have to manually empty the pockets of the rejected garments. The X-ray scanner also functions perfectly as a stand-alone device: it checks soiled laundry pieces for dangerous foreign items and creates a safe and efficient working environment. With X-ray technology, harmful foreign sharps such as needles, scissors, scalpels, etc. can no longer remain undetected in the pockets.

Gotli Labs is a large team of experienced and dedicated software specialists that have created the unique product Globe. Globe consolidates the data management in heavy-duty laundries. It is the first and only solution to manage all your data, including staff scheduling, time and attendance and a track and trace functionality.

The data that have been visualized, documented and analyzed by Globe add to the productivity and availability of the laundry. Using a robust tool set including resource planning, time & attendance recording, production data capture, shop floor blogging, maintenance scheduling, alerting & smart Oracle BI dashboard reporting, Globe is essential in the Plan/Do/Check/ Plan cycle.

Globe helps laundries to know all details on the process flow with real-time data and gives an immediate feedback on the process status, thus helping laundries to make savings in the entire laundry process. Laundries can make the move from good to great with advanced production management, tracking and reporting solutions.

Our investments in laundry robotics, artificial intelligence and Big Data confirm our vision to automate all processes in the laundry.

We invite you to discover our latest solutions and products for all sections of the laundry on our website. Our solutions reflect our two-tier sales strategy with hightech products from our American and European factories as well as single machines exported from China under the ALPHA by JENSEN brand.