DTV knows the difficulties which member companies are facing very well due to two surveys. They show that there are two main problems.  Those companies which have customers mostly in the HoReCa sector lost up to 99% of their orders. These companies have huge economic problems.
On the other hand companies with a large client base in the field of hygiene, health, medicine and care have more work to do. The challenge they have to take is to get appropriate access to personal protective equipment and disinfectants.

What DTV is doing is providing members with information about hygiene standards and how to meet them. The most used communication channel is digital (website, newsletters). In the same way companies are informed about economic government relief programs.

Furthermore DTV is using all channels to convince public authorities that the textile cleaning and services sector is system relevant for the health sector like hospitals – but also for food-industry and authorities like police etc. The aim is to make sure that employees can their send children, who do not go to school during the corona pandemic, to a special childcare.  On its website DTV offers a lot of material to the members which can be used by them for lobbying and public relations on regional level. A very practice-oriented effort of the association is to organise access to scarce PPE and negotiate quantities and prices.