ITSA Membership is open to associations representing textile, linen, uniform and facility services; limited to one (1) representative organization from a country or region. Current ITSA member includes:









United Kingdom

DTV (Germany)

The German Textile Cleaning Association (DTV) represents traditional textile cleaning to industrial textile service providers companies of all sizes and types of business. Around 800 craft, commercial and industrial companies are organized in the DTV, as well as suppliers who are committed as supporting members.

DTV works together with the Central Association of German Crafts to negotiate collective agreements and do contemporary networking with other associations, institutes and committees. DTV’s mission is to strengthen the market and business presence of the textile cleaning industry as a whole and to represent the interests of the industry on a technical, competition law, professional and trade policy and political level.

DTV serves as exchange platform to inform members about current and sector-relevant changes in the law and conduct training and seminars.

European Textile Services Association (ETSA – Europe)

ETSA provides an European platform for networking and sharing best practices at a senior level, in strictest compliance with anti-trust law. They proactively monitor and lobby EU legislation and technical standards and prepare scientific studies and research to help promote textile services. ETSA also develops and implements initiatives to increase awareness of the textile services industry and enhance its reputation. ETSA’s members value fair competition, a sustainable business model and corporate responsibility.

FBT (Belgium)

The Belgian Federation of Textile Care, abbreviated FBT, is a federal, professional umbrella association representing some 250 members, active in the textile care sector in the broadest sense of the word. We defend and protect the common sectoral interests of all businesses that are active in the field of linen rental, laundry services, dry-cleaning, carpet cleaning, hygiene and ironing services, providing both B-to-B and B-to-C services. In addition, we also group the suppliers of the textile care sector.

FBT wants to play its role in protecting the environment. Corporate Social Responsibility is at the top of the agenda of most companies from the textile chain. The conviction that sustainability and job creation are inextricably linked together also ensures strong consensus and an active commitment of stakeholders from the sector. FBT joins forces with other Belgian federations and training centers from the textile pillar to achieve sustainability gains by playing an active role in concrete projects. Informing members about innovations and developments in the sector is also a priority.

FBT is the spokesperson for employers in negotiations with the social partners.

FBT, through its training center TFTC, develops standards, education and training for current and future workers in the industry.

GEIST (France)

GEIST, Group of Industrial Enterprises of Textile Services, is the professional trade union of the companies of the sector of the Textile Maintenance-Leasing. GEIST (Group of Industrial Enterprises of Textile Services) promotes and defends the industry directing its action to allow a multi-stakeholder dialogue, to negotiate the Collective Agreement or to exchange with the public authorities in the pursuit of the general interest.

Through the expertise GEIST develops in the social, environmental or regulatory field , GEIST contributes to spreading the seriousness of the profession, the reliability and commitment of its members. Connected to its ecosystem, proactive in the search for solutions, GEIST offers everyone the opportunity to express themselves and discuss issues of the profession, helps to make sense of the actions of each member, and allows each member to register in close proximity with a collective movement.

Laundry Association of Australia (LAA – Australia)

The Laundry Association (Australia) Limited (LAA) represents companies in the rental of textiles and/or commercial laundering and re-distribution of textile products; Suppliers including laundry equipment manufacturers, distributors, consumable and chemical suppliers specific to the Industry which service a range of sectors – including:

  • Health, public and private hospitals
  • Restaurants and general food service;
  • Hotels and other accommodation;
  • Food manufacturing;
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing;
  • Corrective services;
  • General industries and/or other sectors requiring commercial laundering of textile products and the related supply chain.

The LAA engages members to advance the knowledge; competency; skills; and abilities within the industry through education; member services; and professional advice.

Our aim is to continuously improve the commercial laundry supply-chain through our affiliations with international industry associations; innovation; research and development; review and development of Australian Standards; and best practice.

Norsk Renseri- & Vaskeriforening (NRV – Norway)

Norwegian Dry Cleaning and Laundry Association (NRV) is an industry association for dry cleaners and laundries in Norway. NRV offers member services of various kinds. Being an advisor and sparring partner, and sharing information about what is moving in the industry is important. The association works against the authorities for the best possible framework conditions for the businesses, which is often done in cooperation with the Norwegian Industry. NRV is an industry association in Norsk Industri, a national association in the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO). NRV rents its secretarial services from Norsk Industri. Members who are affiliated with both NRV and Norsk Industri have access to specialist expertise that benefits the members in matters concerning tariff and employer issues, as well as industrial, business and environmental policies.

TRSA (North America)

TRSA, represents the $20-billion North American linen, uniform and facility services industry which employs nearly 150,000 individuals at 1,500+ facilities by advocating for fair regulatory and legislative policy and promoting the environmental benefits of reusable textiles. TRSA quantifies our industry’s commitment to cleanliness and sustainability through its Clean Green and Hygienically Clean Certification programs.

TRSA members supply, launder and maintain reusable linens, uniforms, towels, mats and other products provided to the businesses, retailers, manufacturers, healthcare and long-term care facilities, restaurants and hotels to enhance their image and provide clean, safe environments for their employees and customers. TRSA increases productivity, sustainability, safety and professionalism through education, certification, research, benchmarking and information-sharing.

TSA (United Kingdom)

The Textile Services Association (TSA) protect, promote and educate the textile servicing industry in the UK. TSA’s membership range from large multi-site public companies to small family businesses that are industrial textile rental and laundry companies operating in hotel & hospitality, healthcare and workwear markets. The TSA also has a growing community of suppliers to the industry in its membership.

The TSA monitor and develop standards, educate and train its member-workforce, and promote industry services to member target-markets. The TSA also highlight developments in the industry and provide access to the latest health & safety information. Demonstrating a genuine care about the environment, they have been actively highlighting the industry’s circular & sustainable model and promoting energy efficiency in all areas of the industry through effective funding programme such as the Climate Change Agreement Umbrella Scheme. TSA consults with members through knowledge networks, working groups, forums and well-received conferences to ensure accurate representation of industry views. As the industry evolves, they educate new generations of members in changing technology and practice, ensuring they keep abreast of new developments. TSA also acts as a conduit between the industry and the government, representing members’ collective views to government agencies, regulatory bodies and the media.

Sveriges Tvatteriforbund (Sweden)

Sveriges Tvatteriforbund‘s mission is to contribute, through education and information, to increased growth in the market and thereby promote the laundry industry in Sweden. The laundry and textile service industry is a broad and expansive industry with great potential for the future, which has a combined turnover of almost SEK 5 billion. In Sweden, we have about 5,000 proud employees who offer services such as work clothes and cleaning cloths for the industry, textiles for the hotel and restaurant industry, personnel, patient, bed and surgery textiles for care and care as well as entrance mats, mops and towel rails. Our members are also responsible for laundry and textile handling of consumer laundry.

The Swedish laundry association collects companies that work with laundry and textile services. Common is that we work with textiles in various forms, which are important to all of us in our working life and in our everyday lives. The members range from one-man businesses to very large workplaces and consist of a segment that is aimed at companies, municipalities and county councils and a segment that is aimed at private consumers. Many of our members have, to varying degrees, customers in both segments.

The Swedish Laundry Association is the Swedish laundry industry’s industry organization and for the industry’s action against the Riksdag, government and other organizations and authorities. Laundry Association is also an active referral body on issues that affect our business and our members and is an important part of the overall goals.

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